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Tent Stakes


Pitching a Tent?
Get the Better Tent Stake              ECO-FRIENDLY

Would you Agree? Tent stakes are among those few products in our lives that just don’t measured up to our expectations. Tent stakes – often more trouble than pleasure.

That is until now. The engineers and designers at GreenMoxie™ have put an end to the unacceptable compromises and delivered us thermal plastic lightweight material a light-weight, strong design that is made for pounding, and easy to carry and see clearly.

GreenMoxie™ "Easier to Carry" Tent Stake

The light-weight, "T" Design =1/2" x 1/2" x 5/8" Length =9" GreenMoxie™ Tent Stakes are only 3 ounces. thermoplastics are comparable in weight to plastics and aluminum.

And unlike light-weight Aluminum stakes, they don’t cost as much as your hiking boots.

Recyclable, Great for the Mud-Wont Mold




Easier to Install with Confidence

The GreenMoxie™ “T-Post” design delivers superior strength, even when you’re faced with challenging terrain or very inclement weather. The top of each stake has a solid flat surface for pounding and special drive point to pierce any soil.

No special tool required. Go ahead - hit it with a rock or stick, its built to the same standards as the GreenMoxie™ Posts used in commercial applications.


Leave Nothing but Footsteps

It doesn’t hurt that these tent stakes come in a variety of standard colors (cameos beige, black, dark green, light green and orange). So along with not having to be overly small to reduce weight like steel and aluminum stakes, You are less likely to leave a GreenMoxie™ stakes behind.

New GreenMoxie™ Commercial Tent Stakes

The GreenMoxie™ “T-Post” Commercial Grade design delivers superior strength, in 4 foot lengths. The top of each stake has a solid flat surface for pounding into any soil. The light-weight commercial stakes weight only 1 lb. 2oz. each.

The "T" is 1/2" x 1/2" x 5/8" and are made in 4 foot lengths.

Tent Stakes, packed and ready to go!


Purchase Details
•Prices USD

•Customer is responsible for applicable taxes, duties and brokerage fees

•Parts are packaged in 8 piece bundles

•F.O.B. Shipping Point

•Prices do not include freight cost

•First Option:

  -After purchase a separate invoice for freight will be generated using UPS rates

•Second Option:

  -Customer can arrange and pay freight independently and confirm details at

   info@green-moxie.com or 734-483-5070

•Method of Payment – Online

  - Cash On Delivery (COD)
  - Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  - Major Credit Card, Debit Card



 GreenMoxie™ Easy Carry Tent Stakes  9" weigh  (.3oz each)  ... $7.68 Per Pack No Min.

(Available in three (3) UV resistant colors green, orange and beige)


GreenMoxie™ "Commercial Grade" Tent Stakes 4ft Length  (1lb. 2oz each) 8Pack  ...$22.96 Per pack No Min.