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Go Green with Moxie

No Special “Being Green” compromise or weakened performance standards.

“T” Design

T Design  5/8" x 5/8" x 11/16"

Lengths up to 8ft

              6 UV Colors

SIMPLE IS MORE-This seemingly simple "T" Design post is of thermal plastic material manufactured in a manner which forms a post that clearly out performs, stronger and the best value of any other comparable post.

Get the GreenMoxie™ Fence Post System

Go Green without Compromise


Barbed Wire Fence Posts
Fence Post (8ft)
Concrete Form Post
Golf Course Markers
Ski Slope Markers
Snowmobile Trail Markers
Survey Markers
Tree Supports
Utility Location Markers

2 ‘T’ – Fence Post Strength Levels

70% Lighter than Steel Fence Posts

Faster to Install

Mold Resistant

Special point pierces any terrain

Great for swamps and Marshes

The colder  the stronger it gets

Hot Weather Handles  +120F

Meet & Exceed DOT Requirements



100% Recyclable and Reusable

 6 UV Resistant Colors

US Manufactured

GreenMoxie™ ‘T’- posts are manufactured in two standard strength levels designed to fit the specific requirements of wide range of fence applications. You can be sure every proof point is backed by solid third party testing and real world experience. We can make these tests and evaluations available to you for free – just for the asking. If you would rather not go through all the data to get an indicator of our post strength see below


Builder Gage T-posts

#420, the Strongest, Light Weight ‘T’ post

Landscape Gage T-posts

#360, Strong, Ultra-Light Weight ‘T’ post


  Boundary Post
  Construction Marker Post
  Electrical Fence Post
  Fence Post
  Garden Post
  Hazard Fence Post
  Sign Post
  Surveyor Post
  Vineyard Post

Great for the marsh and swamp installations, You can be assured GreenMoxie™ products will not mold or rust.

For Electric Fence applications, the non-conductive posts do not require special, costly couplings.

Find Electric Fence Post information through this link...

GreenMoxie™ Supports the Uniform Color Code

Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators, better known as the Julie Law covers the marking and surveying in the USA to replace all the various state and county regulation. Below are the current color codes.

  Electric Power Distribution & Transmission  

  Municipal Electric Systems  

  Gas Distribution & Transmission  

  Oil Distribution & Transmission  

  Telephone Systems  

  Community Antenna TV Systems  

  Water Systems  

  Sewer Systems  

  Non-potable Water & Slurry Lines

Same as Electric Fence  

  Temporary Survey  

  WHITE-Proposed Excavation  

  Proposed Excavation(snow on the ground)  

Superior Sun and Shade visibility
is available in Six (6) UV resistant standard fence colors. With permanently integrated stake color, all GreenMoxie™ products are competitively priced and reusable.


Purchase Details
•Prices US Currency

•Customer is responsible for applicable taxes, duties and brokerage fees

•Parts are packaged in 10 piece bundles

•Minimum order = 50 pieces
•F.O.B. Shipping Point

•Prices do not include freight cost

•First Option:

  -After purchase a separate invoice for freight will be generated using UPS rates

•Second Option:

  -Customer can arrange and pay freight independently and confirm details at

   info@green-moxie.com  734-483-5070

•Method of Payment – Online

  - Cash On Delivery (COD)
  - Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  - Major Credit Card, Debit Card

GreenMoxie™ 8 ft. T – Post, 420 Gage Post $6.73 per post Minimum order =50

GreenMoxie™ 6 ft. T – Post, 420 Gage Post $4.63 per post
GreenMoxie™ 5 ft. T – Post, 420 Gage Post $3.98 per post
GreenMoxie™ 4 ft. T – Post, 420 Gage Post $3.33 per post

GreenMoxie™ 3 ft. T – Post, 420 Gage Post $2.68 per post

GreenMoxie™ 6 ft. T – Post, 360 Gage Post
$3.00 per post

GreenMoxie™ 5 ft. T – Post, 360 Gage Post $2.50 per post

GreenMoxie™ 4 ft. T – Post, 360 Gage Post $2.50 per post

GreenMoxie™ 3 ft. T – Post, 360 Gage Post $1.50 per post

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